Jamie C Johnstone biophilic design

My services include:

  • Commissioned Artwork

  • Concrete Design Workshops

  • Squarespace Website Design

  • Graphic Design and Digital Artwork

  • Creative Direction


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Previous clients:

Front Row Society

High Existence

Voices in the Dark

The Fabric Store

Night Kitchen

Goltz Optick

Form & Balance

Frau Baeckerin




Born in Scotland and raised in the Middle East, I've since lived and worked around the world, from Berlin and London to Auckland, New Zealand.

Life is about exploration and new experiences - a philosophy which I bring to all my creative projects.

I've worked with individuals and companies from around the globe, as a designer for elite fashion brands, creative director for numerous rebranding campaigns, and content creator for social media and marketing.

My photo editorials have appeared in a variety of publications, online and in print. In my photographic work, I favour a darker, intimate, yet voyeuristic ambience which highlights the sensual energy of my subjects.

Recently, I've been experimenting with a variety of new materials in my creative practice, exploring synergies between the natural and artificial, from fluid, organic concrete sculptures to fabrics which can support living organisms. My work will shortly be exhibited at locations in Edinburgh.

I take on a limited number of commissions in these different fields each year. Drop me a line to discuss your project and to receive a personalised quote for any of my services.